• Oct

    Boos and Brews: A Guide to Halloween Beverages

    Halloween is tomorrow, which means that bowls of mysterious punch filled to the brim with eerie dry ice are in our future.  For those (like us) looking beyond the questionable punch bowl, fear not – there are plenty of spooky beverages to help celebrate the hair-raising holiday.  

    For the beer lover

    The Fantome Saison is sourced from the Ardennes forest in Belgium.  It’s produced in a tiny farmhouse brewery and locating a bottle can be extraordinarily difficult, even in its home country.  This beer hosts a musty and characterful aroma, accompanied by a fruity complex flavor.
    Rogue Dead Guy Ale:  Rogue Ales from Oregon has almost become a family name around craft beer drinkers.  With their stately brews, and close proximity to Wyoming, it’s hard not to be familiarized with their work.  They have created the Dead Guy Ale, a German Maibock, which greets you with a malty aroma and follows with a “rich heaty flavor and well-balanced finish.”
    Nightmare on Brett: Crooked Stave Artisan Beer Project from Colorado has produced countless incredible beers that we simply can’t resist.  The Nightmare on Brett, a dark sour ale aged in Leopold Bros whiskey barrels, does not fall short of expectations.  The dark fruit aromas and complex flavors of this beer are developed as this ale is transformed into a “demonic dark sour.”



    For the wine lover

    Witches Cauldron Chardonnay:  This 2015 Argentine Chardonnay is a small production wine from Mendoza.  A great option for those looking to step out of a traditional Chardonnay box, this wine is pale yellow with floral notes and light acidity.  We recommend pairing it with soft cheeses and your favorite costume. 

    Velvet Devil Merlot:  Hailing from the Columbia Valley, Washington, the Velvet Devil Merlot is “balanced, rich, and explosive.”  Dark in color with flavors of red plums, cedar, and cocoa, the nature of this wine will surely put you in the mood for tricks and treats.

    Murder Ridge Pinot Noir: Originating from the Northern Coast of California, the artisanal wine from Murder Ridge winery is sure not to dissatisfy.  A multidimensional wine with velvety tannins surrounded by flavors of raspberry and plum, Murder Ridge presents the “perfect example of a high elevation [Pinot Noir].”



    For Spirits

    Espolón Tequila:  Although the title doesn’t hint at anything particularly scary, the label is what granted this bottle’s placement on the list.  The artwork features a skeleton riding a rooster into a field of skeletal parts.  The spirits name and the appearance of a rooster on the logo comes from the spur found of the back of the rooster’s leg that the animal uses to fight and to defend the coop.  Made in the highlands of Jalisco, Mexico this 100% blue agave is available in three marques, Reposado, Blanco, and Añejo.

  • Jul

    4th of July Drink Guide

    Summer is here and the 4th of July is upon us. And, like most events, we believe there’s no better way to celebrate than with friends, family and a festive cocktail. No matter how you plan to spend the day, we’ve got you covered with a few of our favorite holiday picks.

    For the Wine Drinker:

    Compact, easy to transport and acceptable to drink straight from the vessel, canned wine is the summer adventure seeker’s best friend.
    Our suggestion: Frico Frizzante by Scarpetta
    The 6oz cans are perfect for backyard get-togethers or floating down the river on a hot July day. The Scarpetta brand boasts a variety of different wines, but we recommend this Italian Frizzante for a refreshing twist on a favorite summer beverage. Available for $3.99.


    For the Cocktail Lover:

    Very few liquors scream “America!” quite like a Bourbon.
    Our pick: A Gold Rush cocktail
    A little less potent than straight Bourbon on the rocks, this cocktail is both tart and sweet, making it a perfect patio sipper. Pick from a selection of Bourbons of varying price points, including Four Roses ($20.99), Buffalo Trace ($24.99), Bulleit Bourbon ($33.99), Wyoming Whiskey Small Batch Bourbon ($42.99) 

    Gold Rush

    2oz Kentucky Bourbon
    ¾oz lemon juice or a whole lemon squeezed
    ¾oz honey or honey syrup
    Shake until very cold, 10-20 seconds. Strain and serve over ice in an old fashion glass.


    For the Traditionalist:

    For those set on imagine spending the holiday with a cold brew in hand, our friends over at Roadhouse Brewing Co. have created an incredible lineup of flavorful, interesting craft beers.
    Our pick: Roadhouse Family Vacation
    Besides being aptly named, Family Vacation American Blonde Ale is an approachable craft beer with a crisp flavor a lower alcohol percentage, making it an ideal beer to enjoy throughout the afternoon. Available in 6-packs for $12.50.



  • Aug

    Gin Spotlight with Jackson Hole Still Works

    We love gin here over at Jackson Hole Still Works, and one of the reasons is that the governmental leniencies on what gin has to taste like are much greater than that of many other spirits.  What that means is that we as distillers have much more freedom to create a unique tasting spirit that is a pure representation of our art form.  There are many types of gin out there, from the most common classic London Dry styles that have been around for ages, through to the more botanically expressive gins coming onto the scene from small producers all over the world.  The majority of people out there who are not gin drinkers generally have been turned off by a particular style of gin that is very one-dimensional and focused primarily on the common juniper component.  We can’t tell you how many times we have heard customers at tastings and events balk at trying our gin because they “don’t want to put their face in a pine tree”!  We can certainly see where they are coming from, as there are many classic gins that focus, in our opinion, a little too heavy on that juniper component that yields that “pine tree” nose and sharpness on the pallet.  It is incredibly fun and rewarding to then convince those same “non-gin drinkers” to have a taste of our Great Grey Gin (which has much less focus on juniper) and witness their surprise when they realize how different and delicious a craft gin can be.  We have converted a surprising number of folks to hop onto the gin train with one small sip!  So what is different about our gin and why do more people seem to like it?  Well, like we mentioned above, we turned our focus back from the juniper, and strove instead to make a much more balanced, elegant spirit, allowing other more delicate flavors and aromas to show themselves in and alongside the often bold and aggressive juniper.  We have combined the floral elements of lavender, the citrus notes of lemon and orange peel, bright earthiness of coriander, and a light hint of high spice from cinnamon along with juniper to create a well balanced, approachable gin that stands up strong on its own but of course mixes well in cocktails.

    You asked more so about how gin is made.  We could write a dissertation on that, so let’s try to keep it concise.  First off, you need a base spirit, preferably something very clean and neutral.  We make the base spirit of Great Grey Gin out of all Wyoming-farmed non-GMO corn and oats.  Other distilleries may make theirs our of wheat, barley, rye, or just about anything that can be fermented.  Some folks even just buy someone else’s spirits and then turn it into gin.  There are a lot of methods to this madness!  

    Once the base spirit is made, there are essentially two commercial methods used for extracting the flavors from the botanicals; maceration and vapor infusion.  Maceration is basically like making an alcohol tea.  The distiller takes specific amounts of botanicals, drops them into the base spirit, and allows them to soak for a designated period of time until the desired level of flavor extraction has occurred.  At that point one is left with a dark liquid loaded with flavor from the botanicals that is then distilled once again to refine the flavors and clarify the spirit…the resulting spirit is crystal clear yet still maintains the essences of the botanicals that were macerated.  Vapor infusion is a bit different.  The still needs to be configured with a specific piece of equipment called a “gin basket”, which is a mesh container of sorts within the column of the still that can hold the botanicals.  The still kettle is loaded with the base spirit, which is then distilled, and the alcohol vapors then pass over and throughout the botanicals contained in the gin basket.  The vapors are then condensed as usual and the resulting liquid is vibrant with the essences of the distiller’s chosen botanicals.   Most distilleries use one method or the other, but what we have found here at JH Still Works is that certain botanicals yield better results from specific methods.  So, we do both.  We take some of our botanicals and macerate, then distill that rich concoction through our gin basket that holds the remaining botanicals.  One of the most interesting things about this distillation process is that at no point does the distillate that is coming off the still at any moment taste like the final product.  This is because different characters of each botanical are released at different times and temperatures of the distillation. That means that it takes the total aggregate of the gin distillation to yield the final flavor profile.  

    This is a lot of information crammed into a wordy paragraph, and really only scratches the surface, so if anyone wants true enlightenment, they should just feel free to come down to the distillery and it can be experienced first hand!  We love having folks down to learn how spirits are made, and it makes a lot more sense when one can actually experience it with their own senses!


    Chas Marsh & Travis Goodman - Owners & Partners - Jackson Hole Still Works

  • Jul

    A look inside the inspiration of the summer menu

    Shared plates, tapas, wines and more. What’s behind our summer menu? We invite you to explore through the eyes and inspirations of Bin22 Executive Chef Matt Lombardo.

    Pollo Pepitoria 

    “I wanted to find a very authentic Spanish dish that was not as well known, didn't already exist on other area restaurant menus and wouldn’t be found on standard tapas/Spanish menus throughout the country. This dish originates in the territories of Aragon and Navarra between Madrid and Barcelona on the northern side. It is traditionally braised hen in almond saffron sauce and served with sliced, hard-boiled eggs. I added my own twist by using Mary's chicken thighs and braising them with white wine, chicken stock, onions, pine nutsMarcona almonds and garlic. Once the chicken is braised, we stir egg yolks into the sauce and slice the hard-boiled eggs, which we mix with some Castelvetrano olives from Sicily. The dish is finished with harissa and fresh lemon juice.”  

    Burrata Salad 

    Burrata has always been a favorite on the menu at Bin22. For a while, we only had it on the menu sporadically and it would sell out in one night. We wanted to give guests what they wanted and decided to put it on the menu full timeWe teamed up with Huidekoper Ranch in Wilson and they now grow us the most incredible citrus mix of micro-greens to accompany the creamy burrataI love putting something on our guests’ plates that is grown by our friends just down the street.” 


    Pairing food and wine is an essential part of the Bin22 experience. Curious what to pair with the new summer items? Enjoy a selection of Old World Wines, hand picked by our team for you.  

    Ruchel GodelloSpain - bright and fresh, with great depth of flavor and a rich texture  

    Pair with charred wild Spanish octopus or Ewephoria aged sheeps' milk cheese. 

    Gassier Cotes de Provence RoséFrance vibrant, with floral aromas, stone fruits and grapefruit on the palate 

    Perfect by itself or pair with any of our fresh pulled mozzarellas. 

    Abad Dom Bueno MenciaBierzoSpain - medium bodied, with red fruits, baking spice and a silky texture 

    Pair with the spicy Spanish croquettes or the bacon wrapped dates with manchego. 


  • Sep

    The Fine Dining Wine Club - your access to monthly wine deals

    There’s something romantic about drinking wine. It can transport you to another region of the world—an agrarian utopia of vines and warm weather. Because of wine’s worldly roots, it can tell a story that no other beverage in the world can tell. There’s always an occasion fit for drinking wine—whether it be drinking Zinfandel out of the bottle on a camping trip or carefully uncorking a ’99 Burgundy on a special anniversary, wine can be the answer.

    While wine conjures up warm feelings, it can be overwhelming to comprehend with so many varietals, vintages, and growing regions across the world. Walking into a wine shop can be a daunting task for the lay person just looking to get in and out with a tasty bottle doesn’t break the bank. Oftentimes, wine drinkers can get stuck reaching for the same bottle or varietal, nervous that if they stray they will be disappointed.

    Fine Dining Restaurant Group’s Wine Club is the answer to those looking to get more into wine, or those who are already well versed in the subject. Rather than inundating the customer with a case of wine every month, Fine Dining offers club members the opportunity to jump on a themed package of three bottles. Once a month, an email is sent out with the wine club’s theme and offerings. Past themes have included “Summer Whites,” “All About Rosé,” “Iberian Peninsula,” “Argentina Beyond Malbec,” and “Que Syrah, Sirah, Shiraz.” The email then goes on to provide a detailed description for each wine, so even if you’re not interested in that particular monthly offering, you can still learn more about wine. The best part: membership is free!

    Not only can wine club members get these exclusive package offers, but they’re privy to 15% off any case of wine. In addition to this, members are alerted to limited availability releases and wine tastings. Simply complete the form here with your name and email address and we’ll take care of the rest!


  • Jan

    Exclusive Don Cosimo wines now available in Jackson Hole

    In a special wine import project, Fine Dining Restaurant Group is now the sole importer of Don Cosimo wines. These Sicilian wines are sold in four varietals, including Nero d'Avola, Grillo, Catarratto and Sparkling Grillo, and are only available at Fine Dining restaurants in Jackson Hole. This new addition marks a special time for Fine Dining restaurants - further personalizing the unique dining experiences available at their restaurants by allowing guests access to wines not found anywhere else in the U.S.

    Don Cosimo wines originate from the heart of the best land for Sicilian wines, produced by small batch producers and imported directly from Italy to their new home in Jackson Hole. The four wines are available to purchase by the bottle and case from the Bin22 (and Bodega), while a rotating selection of the wines are also available by the glass at all Fine Dining restaurants, including The Kitchen, Bin22 wine bar, Rendezvous Bistro, Q Roadhouse & Brewing Co. and Il Villaggio Osteria. The exclusive Don Cosimo wines are available for $17.99 a bottle in store, with case discounting available.

  • Nov

    In the holiday spirit - perfect drinks for your Thanksgiving table

    Selected to complement traditional Thanksgiving flavors, these beverages are sure to impress at your holiday gathering. Read here for wine buyer Eric's top picks (with tasting notes!), available now from the Bin22 bottle shop. 

    Specialty Beers
    Lolita Belgian Style Wild Ale
     (765ml) - $21.99 - "Fermented with raspberries for a dry, tart finish"
    Upslope Limited Release Pumpkin Ale (4 pack pints) - $14.99 - "Brewed with pumpkin pie spice, perfect all day long"

    White Wines
    Steininger Gruner Veltliner Kamptal - $23.99 - "A superb match for turkey and stuffing"
    Kenefick Ranch Pickett Road White - $25.99 - "Rhone blend from Napa, full-bodied with cleansing acidity"
    La Scolca Gavi Black Label - $45.99 - "Versatile enough to stand up to everything on your table"
    Chene Bleu Aliot - $95.99 - "Roussanne blend, rich and complex and truly mindblowing"

    Trinquevedel Tavel - $18.69 - "Has the structure of a light red and the freshness of a crisp white"

    Red Wines
    Roth Pinot Noir Sonoma Coast
     - $32.99 - "Pure cherry fruit with a silky texture, a great match for turkey"
    Ridge Lytton Springs - $36.99 - "Iconic Zin blend from one or America's best producers"
    Hillinger Blaufrankisch Leithaberg - $54.99 - "Astonish your wine-loving guests with this dark, brooding, elegant red from Austria"

  • Apr

    Eric's Easter wine recommendations

    Bin22 bottle shop manager, Eric Lippert, is no stranger to exploring classic, new and unique wine pairings. As one of the familiar faces behind our wine program, Eric takes great pride in helping guests choose the perfect wine for any occasion.

    This holiday weekend, prepare your table with Eric's top picks for your Easter entertaining. These versatile wines are fantastic accompaniments to any meal, but pair especially well with the salty, sweet flavors of a traditional glazed ham. 

        Viornery Cotes de Brouilly - $27.99 - a serious Gamay from an outstanding vintage, peaking right now

        Trimbach Riesling - $25.99 - a classic, dry Riesling from one of the finest producers of Alsace

        Alta Vista Premium Torrontes - $21.99 - estate grown, rich, complex white from Argentina

        Kenefick Picket Road White - $25.99 - white, Rhone-style blend from Calistoga

        Schug Pinot Noir Carneros - $27.99 - savory, elegant and refined

    Not preparing an Easter ham? Try the Buil & Gine Baboix Montsant (Carinena and Garnacha - big, bold red from Spain) for a delightful pairing with a leg of lamb. 

    All selections are available now in the Bin22 bottle shop. Call 307-739-9463 or stop in to place your weekend order.

  • Dec

    Bubbles to toast the New Year

    Raise a glass to a prosperous year ahead with Sommelier Neil Loomis' picks for bubbles to toast the New Year. All of these (plus many more at every price point) are available at Bin22. Purchase a case and receive 15% off.

    Sparkling Wines

    Lucien Albrecht Cremant d' Alsace Rose - available for $21.99. Made from 100% Pinot Noir grapes, this wine has soft cherry, strawberry and floral components.

    Mumm Napa Brut Prestige - available for $26.99. This sparkling wine's apple, creamy vanilla and gingerbread spice make it a powerful brut.

    2011 Schramsberg Blanc de Blanc - available for $39.99. A value vintage selection from California, it is bracing and sleek, with an apple pie aroma and elegant finish. 


    Gosset Excellence Brut - available for $52.99. Packed with orchard fruits, fresh flowers and a lifting finish.

    Louis Roederer Brut Premier - available for $62.99. Fresh lemon and smoky minerality truly balance this rich and delicious brut. 

    Veuve Clicquot Brut Rose - available for $70.99. The engaging raspberry, cherry and blackberry fruits with luscious brioche and almond keep you wanting more.

  • Dec

    Give the gift of fine food and spirits

    Give the gift of fine food, wine, beer and spirits this holiday season with a customized Bin22 holiday gift basket.

    Available in prices beginning at $50, each basket is crafted with your recipient and price point in mind. From Wyoming Whiskey themed baskets to wine and cheese baskets, our vintner team will work with you to build a one-of-a-kind creation. 

    Bin22 holiday baskets make ideal gifts for:
             - Food and wine lovers
             - Event hosts and hostesses
             - Client thank yous
             - Housewarming events
             - Co-workers 

    Stop by or call 307-739-9463 to place your order. Baskets are available to pick up or can be delivered by our vintner team throughout the Jackson Hole valley.

  • Nov

    Neil's top picks for your Thanksgiving table

    Thanksgiving calls for more than turkey, stuffing and potatoes. As with any meal, a perfect wine complements and elevates the entire dining experience. Explore Sommelier Neil Loomis' picks for your turkey table, all under $30 and including his favorite wines that collectively appeal to all tastes.
    • Blanchet Pouilly Fume - $24.99
    • Amayna Sauvignon Blanc - $24.99
    • Morgan Chardonnay - $25.99
    • Dr Loosen Wehlener Sonnenuhr Kabinett - $29.99
    • Mittelbach Rose - $24.99
    • Mohua Pinot Noir - $23.99
    • Prieure Hautes Cotes de Beaune - $23.99
    • Cotes de Brouilly Beaujolais - $27.99
    • Finca Museum Tempranillo - $23.99
    • Merino Syrah - $20.99
    • La Posta Pizzella Malbec - $19.99
    • Poggio Alla Guardia Super Tuscan - $25.99
    • Il Fauno Super Tuscan - $29.99
    • Trig Point Cabernet - $23.99
    • Susana Balbo Cabernet - $27.99
    Whether choosing from Neil's top picks or looking for a specific wine to include in your dinner, stop by or give us a call and our vintner team will put together your perfect holiday wine package.
    For more information on Sommelier Neil Loomis, click here.

  • Jul

    Take in the sites, sounds and tastes of a Jackson Hole summer

    Our outdoor deck is open! Order up a glass of rose, grab a tapas plate, sit back and enjoy the incredible Jackson Hole weather. Intimately tucked next to our wine bar, the patio is a quaint retreat - all just blocks away from the Jackson Hole Town Square.

  • Mar

    Off-season lunch special to benefit non-profit organizations

    From April 7-June 7 Bin22 will offer off season lunch specials to support non-profit organizations. In addition to Bin22, off season specials will also be available at other Fine Dining Restaurant Group properties, including Rendezvous Bistro, the Kitchen, Q Roadhouse & Brewing Co., Il Villaggio Osteria and Silver in Park City.

    Through the Bin22 specials, guests will be able to purchase three small plates for $20 during lunch. Out of the $20, $2 will then be donated to a weekly featured non-profit group. 

    This spring we're proud to support:

           April 7-13: Teton Adaptive Sports

           April 14-20: Teton Botanical Garden

           April 21-27: Teton County Education Foundation

           April 28-May 4: Jackson Hole Music Experience 

           May 5-11: Jackson Hole Conservation Alliance 

           May 12-18: Jackson Hole Trout Unlimited

           May 19-25: CLIMB Wyoming

           May 26-June 1: Jackson Hole Community Counseling Center

           June 2-7: Adonis Musati Project (Employee's Choice)

    Join us in showing dedication to worthy causes by dining with us during the spring off season in Jackson Hole. It's just one way we are commited to supporting the community we call home.

  • Dec

    Bin22 holiday gift baskets - now available to order!

    Finding the perfect gift to give your loved one can be difficult. We're taking the guess work out of gift giving with our holiday gift baskets. By creating gift baskets that meet your price range and taste, we'll assemble a package that is sure to impress even the most discerning food and wine lover.

    First, pick your price level - The Great for $50, The Grand for $100 or Gavin's Choice for $200. Next, pick the area you would like to feature in your basket - France, Italy or Domestic. With these two elements in mind, our team will create a holiday basket, wrap the whole thing, include a gift message and deliver directly to your recipient (or prepare for in store pick up). Each basket will include wine, paired with a selection of food and goodies.

    To place your gift basket order, call our Vintner Team at 307-739-9463.

  • Oct

    Off season specials October 22-December 8

    Starting October 22, take advantage of the Bin22 off season special - 2 for 1 drinks from 4-6pm daily. 

    Order up a glass of wine, beer or cocktail, choose a few small plates to share and enjoy!

    In addition to the 2 for 1 drink specials at Bin22, the other Jackson Hole Fine Dining restaurants will be participating in off season specials - 2 for 1 entrees at Rendezvous Bistro, the Kitchen, Q Roadhouse & Brewery and Osteria. For more information, click here.

  • Jul

    Fine Dining Restaurant Group launches Bike to Bin22 initiative - a partnership with customers to travel responsibly

    Jackson Hole, Wy - Bin22, a bottle shop and wine bar located two blocks off the town square in downtown Jackson, announces today the launch of its Bike to Bin22 campaign - a partnership with its customers to reduce it's carbon footprint and invest in clean energy initiatives.

    "The Bike to Bin22 campaign is our way of addressing one of the biggest environmental concerns facing our destination," says Gavin Fine, owner of Fine Dining Restaurant Group including Bin22. "Owning businesses in a destination that is completely dependent on the health of it's natural resources, I see it as our responsibility to help preserve our environment."

    This program encourages customers to bike or walk to Bin22 when coming to shop for wine and groceries or have dinner in the wine bar. When you bike or walk to Bin22, you will be offered entry into giveaways for various deals and promotions. In addition, all guests are able to take advantage of weekly deals on some of their most popular items including wine, house made ice cream, Roadhouse Brewing Co. beers, small grocer items, and more.

    Bin22, in return, will put all the money from customer savings into a Bike Fund that will be used to buy items that promote clean travel including bike racks and bike carriers.

    The initiative has grown out of the success of FDRG's off-season special - Buy one entree, get the second for $2 - with 100% of the $2 being donated to a different non-profit each week. The special has raised over $60,000 for local non-profits in four off-seasons.

    "Our offseason special is great, but we want to be able to offer deals that appeal to our valued local customers in the high tourist seasons as well," Fine said.

    In addition to the above specials, all customers can enjoy the new Happy Hour special that starts Friday, July 12: Buy one drink, get the second for $2 from 4-6pm daily, with 100% of $2 going to Bike Fund.

    To participate in giveaways related to the campaign, use #BiketoBin22 on Instagram.