Luis Hernandez

Executive Chef, Partner

Chef Luis Hernandez’s passion for food started at 10 years old, when he would watch his mother (an incredible at-home chef) prepare meals. With his whole family immersed in the culinary industry, Luis’ passion was nurtured from a young age. After studying the culinary arts, Luis began working with Fine Dining Restaurant Group in 2011 at sister restaurant Il Villaggio Osteria, followed by a time at Q Roadhouse and Rendezvous Bistro. In 2017, Luis took the helm at Bin22, where his excitement and dedication to hospitality comes to life in each dish he creates. But at the end of the day, for Luis it’s all about the people - he is driven every day by the happiness food brings into people’s lives.

Luis Hernandez - Executive Chef
Brooke Violette

Brooke Violette

Restaurant Manager

Brooke Violette moved to Jackson Hole in May 2018, drawn by the infectious zest for life exhibited by a close friend, a Jackson native. A graduate of Utah State University, Brooke joined the Fine Dining Restaurant Group team in August 2023 as Bin22’s Restaurant Manager. Brooke’s personable nature takes center stage in her role, encouraging team members and guests to have fun with food, wine and hospitality, whether dining in the restaurant or perusing the shop. Outside the restaurant, Brooke’s passion for food and drink continues, regularly setting the stage for evenings spent with friends crafting cocktails and gathering in the kitchen.