Neil Loomis, Wine and Beverage Director

Neil Loomis, Wine and Beverage Director for Fine Dining Restaurant Group, became a Sommelier in 2006. Having started his time with Fine Dining in 2001 as bar manager at Rendezvous Bistro, Neil quickly made his way, replacing owner Gavin Fine as wine buyer in 2003. In 2008 he assumed his current position, overseeing all wine and beverage services for the company. In this role, Neil spends a great amount of time in and out of the wine shop and restaurant at Bin22. Known as the Dr. Of All Things Liquid, he has continued his vintner education traveling to California, Oregon, Washington, Italy, France, Spain, Chile, Argentina and New Zealand, even working a harvest for two New Zealand wineries picking grapes and working in the winery itself. Neil brings a great deal of passion, knowledge and dedication to his Wine Director position at Bin22.

Eric Lippert, General Manager

Bin22 General Manager, Eric Lippert, was first introduced to the wine business through experience in the restaurant industry. In 1996 he began his journey as a Wine Buyer. Many years of tasting wine, training and exchanging knowledge with staff and continuing to build upon this knowledge through educational trips to some of the most historic and notable wine producing areas of the world, Eric has distinguished himself as a relied upon member of the Bin22 vintner team. According to Eric, "Jackson Hole is a town with serious wine collectors, and I'm certain I've learned at least as much from my clients as they have learned from me."